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23rd November 2013

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Anonymous said: Crisscolfer: betrayal


Chris has felt betrayal a few times in his life. That’s why when Darren betrays him, he’s shocked and caught completely off guard by it.

Walking into his house after being gone a few days working, tossing his keys aside and shrugging out of his jacket, he picks up the mail that has accumulated since he’s been gone. Flipping through letters and junk mail, the faint sounds of a guitar strings being strummed and humming heard, he smiles at knowing Darren is here waiting for him. Dropping the letters on a table, he turns to the living room.

"Dare!" he calls out as he gets closer.

"Oh, shit!" He gets slightly confused by Darren’s reply. "Shit!" Hearing that, worry starts to settle in his chest.

"Dare?" he cautiously calls out.

"This is our secret," he hears Darren say to someone.

For a split second, Chris thinks the worse. He expects to find Darren and some guy he doesn’t know disheveled and looking like they were caught in the throws of passion. But when he finally walks into the living room, he’s surprised—and relieved—to find just Darren and Brian, who’s sitting on the couch next to him.

"What’s going on here?" He walks forward and sits down, confused when Brian doesn’t even move to climb into his lap. Instead, he watches as he keeps his gaze on Darren.

"Nothing," Darren replies with a hint of guilt in his voice.

"Bri." Chris hmphs when Brian ignores him. He watches in interest, though, when he trots over to Darren. That he finds suspicious since he knows Brian and Darren get along enough to be nice to each other. He’s never seen him willingly go to Darren.

Watching him go to Darren’s back and start to paw there, purring, he gets more confused. “Dare?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, my God! He likes me!" Darren pretends to be shocked and excited, grinning wide; but Chris doesn’t buy the act.

Scooting over and shoving his hands behind Darren’s back, trying to reach for what Brian wants, he finds Darren fighting him. “Let me see what it is!”

"No! You’ll hate me!"

"No, I wo—Aha! Got it!" Pulling his hand away, Chris is upset by what he holds. "I feel betrayed. This is betrayal. How could you? I told you not to."

"He kept scratching me. Like all over," Darren softly replies, showing Chris his cat-scratched arms. "And I tried eveyerthing. But then I remembered he liked chocolate muffins, and…We’re friends now."

"Because you gave him what he shouldn’t have." Chris looks at Brian and glares, pointing a finger at him. "I’m ashamed in you." He looks to Darren. "In both of you."

"I’m sorry," Darren apologizes. "I won’t do it again."

"You better not." Chris smiles. "Now, kiss me because I’ve missed you."

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26th September 2013

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literally. they put their hearts and souls into these characters and those scenes tonight were ABSOLUTELY 100% AMAZING.

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29th August 2013

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Darren is great to work with, I consider him one of my closest friends on set..

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19th July 2013

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Because…CrissColfer <3


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8th June 2013

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So you know that yesterday I made a post about “I don’t mind” and why I don’t think it’s old.

Well since this morning I had nothing to do, my mind was wondering, and I was in the shower and it hit me.

Now for the Darren Criss fans that come in our tag and read obnoxious post about Darren’s songs, and then they get angry because apparently now we are also “ruining” Darren’s tour: DON’T READ!

If you want to believe that Darren’s songs have no meaning, okay good for you. But I write, and I know that in all your works you put something that it’s just yours. Maybe not all his songs are linked to his personal experiences, but he wrote it, so obviously something of Darren there’s in them.
I’m not ruining the song, because these are my opinions, how I feel when I listen the song. If you don’t agree, perfect! You don’t have to read my posts to listen the songs, you can simply ignore them.

That said, let’s the obnoxious crisscolfering begin!

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26th February 2013

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Crisscolfer is on


Aka a masterpost of moments that make me believe in crisscolfer - Updated: 6.02.2013 because our boys are still going strong

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